Water Australia was launched at OzWater09 held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre
on Monday March 16

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Dr Jim Gill AO
Water Australia
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Mr Les Targ
Water Australia
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Mr Nick Apostolidis
Deputy Chair
Water Australia
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About Us

waterAUSTRALIA is the new organisation formed to be the international flag carrier to the Australian water industry’s advanced knowledge and products.

Our vision is to offer Australia’s water success to the world.

Australia is well positioned to be successful internationally. It is a country in which water scarcity has forced us to develop unique approaches to water policy, management, distribution and efficiency. We are at the forefront of governance arrangements, featuring innovative water policy settings and unique and valuable collaborative arrangements between the private and public sectors. We also have world class capabilities in research and development, project management, engineering and technology to provide solutions for addressing water scarcity at affordable cost. Beyond governance, however, Australia’s water sector is not widely acknowledged for these capabilities in the international marketplace.

At the same time, there is potential for Australian companies to win more business within Australia. Success domestically will not only benefit the industry commercially, it would provide further opportunities for innovation and strengthening of our national technology base, promote the creation of supply chain arrangements and better position the industry internationally.

The Australian Government has recognised the need for an industry-led body to coordinate high-level national and export promotion and related industry development activity for the water sector. In part, this is driven by the fact that the water sector is heavily linked with governments which form the single largest customer group by value. The National Water Commission and Austrade have provided funding, support and encouragement to see the waterAUSTRALIA initiative into being.

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Water organisations dealing with urban, industrial, rural, for human, environmental and agricultural water use, including public sector policy, utilities, education and research as well as private sector technology and services organisations are encouraged to join Water Australia.

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