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16 AUGUST 2010

waterAUSTRALIA is pleased to welcome new Foundation sponsors, Osmoflo, GHD and Sinclair Knight Merz. These leading Australian water industry companies have developed very successful technology and products and are supplying them around the world. Their addition to the waterAUSTRALIA family brings a wealth of know-how and experience.

Follow the links to find out more about these innovative companies and their projects.

We also welcome as a Public Sector Supporter the National Water Commission, which has provided assistance and encouragement to the waterAUSTRALIA concept since its earliest days.


waterAUSTRALIA has already been involved in two in-bound trade missions to Australia, by the World Bank in May and by US representatives interested in desalination projects in July. We are actively following up on leads and, importantly, developing a strategy for the US market.

Together with Austrade, Water Sector Advocate and the Industry Capability Network, we will meet with our subscribers to develop a single coherent market facilitation strategy which we intend to roll out later this year.

Companies interested in the US market and contributing to or tapping into this strategy, please contact us via [email protected]


Under an agreement with the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, waterAUSTRALIA is coordinating a survey of the industry. There are several reasons for doing this, including:

  • Determining the size of the industry and how many people it employs so that we are in better shape to seek support from Commonwealth and state governments
  • Identifying the industry’s perceived capability strengths so that these can be targeted for promotion
  • Understanding companies’ market priorities
  • Testing our understanding of market barriers
  • Gaining insight into established supply chains

This will be a telephone survey and will be conducted in the next few weeks. waterAUSTRALIA encourages all participants in the water industry to take part. Non-sensitive company capability information will be stored on the Industry Capability Network database.

If you want to ensure that your company is surveyed, please send an e-mail to [email protected]


Stand by in the near future for major news about events to be held in every state later this year.